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“Using Cthulhu Like a Boss”

There may come a time where you hold Great Cthulhu in your hand, and you are one of two people who have yet to be cultists. If you can play this card against the other non-cultist, you will not only crush them (assuming they can’t beat it) but it can cause YOU to gain two levels. Part of the bad stuff is that everyone that didn’t participate in the fight gains a level, and the loser becomes a cultist. If you are the only noncultist, you gain a level- and that level can carry you to level 10.

All this, and you don’t even have to fight the monster yourself.

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“Power Cultist”

When I play, I like to play as a Cultist and use the +3 abilities (Gibbering, Raving, etc.) on my Cultist instead of saving them to use against a monster. They can add up and really give you a lot of power.

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