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“Not All Challenges Are Equal”

When playing the game remember that there are only 19 Challenge Cards…and one of these is the Game Over Card. Because of this it is important to focus on winning any early level 7 or 8 Challenge.

If a Challenge is lesser, you may be better off stockpiling an extra Strength Card or to go looking for a Key. If you do contribute to a lower valued Challenge, look at the reward for 2nd. In the end, it may provide a greater benefit for the rest of the game over 5 victory points.

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“Coming in second isn't bad at all”

Often the price for the second place is better for you at the moment than the points for the first place. Maybe you can collect powerful keys or more strength cards that way.
You just have to know when you are strong enough to go for the first place and stay there for a few rounds.

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