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Stone of the Sun
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“Variant: Draft”

I will openly admit that I am not the biggest fan of this game. I have a friend and colleague who loves it for some reason and out of respect and fairness I have tolerated playing this game. I devised A variant to deal with one of my major issues of the game, the hand draw.

In my opinion, the claim that this is a deep strategy game is thrown out the window because as a player you are either lavished or crippled by your random hand draw. I if you want to go for a revolutionary strategy but have only moderates in your hand there is nothing you can do to mitigated it. You may have given the game to an opponent by simple fact that you draw the wrong cards.

I propose a draft at the beginning of each game “turn” each player takes ten cards and proceeds to draft a card and pass his/her hand clockwise until they have a hand of seven cards Afterwords, all remaining cards are shuffled into the (A) or (B) set and placed into their respected deck.

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