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“Archer with helmet”

Well in the actual rulebook it says:
“The helm has no effect if worn by the wizard, the archer, or a hero fighting with a bow.”
But without the helmet, the archer is in a great disadvantage.
Everyone else can choose a different type of attack (they can buy a bow) but the archer can not do so.
Also it is kinda risky, because you have to roll one dice after another. and your “attack neighboring monster” advantage to save time, is not a real advantage because you need more time to kill the monster.

soo thats why we play the archer (with a helmet) as follows:
you roll one dice after another as you normally would, but if you get a pair you can combine them no matter what your last roll was.

i think the game itself is hard enough, so this little “house rule” won’t hurt.

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“Intoductory scenario... 2 player dwarf and ranger, cant win this way!”

I found out the hard way while playing for the first time. In the introductory scenario, if you chose to play with two players and choose the dwarf and the ranger you cannot win the first scenario… They are spaced out just so and you end up at least one move short of being able to complete the scenario. I believe any other combination of 2 characters works however. Hope this helps someone. I wonder if this was an oversight?

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