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“Legendary Card Sorting”

One of the biggest complaints I hear about the Legendary line of products, is the sorting process takes so long. This inevitably delays playing time. This trick may get you to the shuffling a few minutes faster and save some eye strain to boot.

This game comes with seven large card packs which, at first glance seem to be compiled by a sadistic madman who just wants to watch the world burn. Upon further inspection, you will notice that there are only four different types of these packs. One has three copies, another has two copies and there are two singletons. The packs that match are identical. UDE prints these this way based on frequency of appearance in the game. This knowledge will simplify our sorting.

Take one of the matching packs and deal the cards out one at a time in a row onto a very large surface. When the pack has expired, take a matching pack and deal the cards out onto the first pack in the exact same order. They will match! This will be fast and will not require you to pay too much attention, thus saving your brain power for more difficult upcoming sorting trials (Pay attention a little bit so you don’t skip a card and make things HARDER). When you finish you will have effectively reduced your workload from seven packages to four and about half of the images will already be spaced out on the table.

Advanced students of these games can likely keep an eye out for obvious matches such as specific characters or strike decks and combine them while dealing out the stacks onto the table thereby minimizing the table footprint required.

Good luck and have fun! Try to think of sorting as Objective #0. Be careful to avoid the events and hazards…

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