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“First Round Draft Picks”

Gates of Chaos is an extraordinarily well-designed set for L5R draft. Some of the best picks for drafting are also commons: Fudoist Temple, Daidoji Soken, and Ide Hinobu are all 3 Gold-producing purchases, with the two Merchant Personalities performing even better as they can be bowed for gold during the same Dynasty Phase as they are purchased. Since L5R draft decks can have major issues with odd gold costs, rounding those corners early can make your deck flow smoothly.

Generically good Battle Strategies like Defensive Formation and Chaos of Battle will also likely swing entire games, and are excellent choices after the economic ones.

Strong uncommons to draft include M’rika XP (Open bow control), Moshi Rukia XP (battle bow and/or attachment destruction), Spawn of Vritra (hard to deal with follower with built in kill), and A New Perspective (blanket 1F followers for your entire opposed army).

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