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“Make "Search for the truth" scenario more challenging”

This scenario has great potential but there is one problem: the heroes will definitely hunker down in a building and stays there until they got through the complete unique items deck (like in my case). Maybe they play “Barricade the windows” (like in my case) which makes it nearly impossible to kill those pesky humans. The answer: Force them to move by following these little steps:

1. sort out the 3 unique item cards marked with A, B and C and put them face down beside the board.

2. Write the numbers 1, 2 and 3 on 3 small sheet of papers and put them on the cards.

3. Take the number markers 1-8 from the main game, shuffle them and put them face down in random buildings on the board.

Now the game can begin. It still can backfire on you when they find the correct markers nearly at the beginning of the game but they definitely have no time to even think about barricading themselves and give you a hard and frustrating time.

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