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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Don't fight the flow!”

Focus on getting as much treasure as you can. The chances that you’ll always have the cards you’ll need to go to the cities you need isn’t going happen. Save your cards to avoid the cursed cities and get points through the treasures. Later, if you can, jump on the chance to change your destiny to something that matches most of where your party’s been.

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“Make the pieces "pop"!”

One thing that is really cool about this game is the high-quality sculpted miniatures. I paint minis, and, as soon as I can spend a little extra time on projects like this, I am going to prime the sculpted pieces and “dip” them in varnish. This will let the features really pop on them. Ink or varnish will slightly pool in the recesses and the raised features will really shine and contrast with the recessed parts.

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