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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Power Stations, Capitols and plazas”

This is a basic strategy for this game, as anyone who has playe dit knows, the leader changes almost every turn and the board is always in flux, but there are a few things that are good to do:

1) combo construction sites(this one is obvious, but important, saving construction sites for a place where you can secure a good difficult to break foothold(like if you have a capitol is important, if you use them too early, more then likely you’ll jsut make yourself appear the target and get them taken away. The factory that lets you draw 5 cards is key here, as you will allow yourself breathing room to hold on to them if you have a few.
2) throw away ports/give them to other people if you can
3) if you have a plaza in your hand: placing it in a location away from the opponent territory and in your territory is a very important tactic, it can essentially give you two moves in a row. If you also have a stadium(or capitol) in roder to turn those moves for the opponents into essentially walls for your territory.
4) Power stations are great, but try to combo them with construction sites, or place them somewhere where you know they will lock your territory in and not your opponents, to make it not obvious that you have one (unless you’re dropping multiple construction sites) try to have a few edge cases always present where you can.
5) trading hands with shopping complex can be crippling if you use enough factories to draw a lot of cards and use up all the good ones.

forming a strategy depends on the players in this game as in most others, but remember to not over think placement as there are many ways to move/remove tiles, playing to a few different locations and then trying to connect midgame can have its advantages (especially in making you appear less of a target, and is usually my main recommended play. Have fun, and I hope that this helps!

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“Become impervious to area destruction”

One of the key scoring mechanisms in Infinite City is having a contiguous area of three or more tiles. Of course, your opponents will be looking for every opportunity to break your grouping apart.

Wherever possible, build a 3×3 block of tiles. This prevents the loss of a single tile from losing you more than point. Better yet, because you are a much less tempting target, it makes it less likely that someone will mount a concerted attack to try to break your structure apart. Youll be amazed at how often a 3×3 block goes untouched for the rest of the game.

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“Don't get noticed too soon!”

I played Infinite City today and had a marvelous first turn. However, this meant I was a prime target for the rest of the game and finished last.

So of course you have to get combos and combine construction sites and power stations (if you can get them) and factories, but even more important is not getting noticed. Place some tiles with points that don’t do too much at the beginning and build a small district. As long as you’re not ahead in points people won’t target you too often with their tiles.

Once you think you can make a move, do so decisively (almost at the end). Otherwise people get a lot of time undoing your hard work. Don’t play your combos too soon! Psychologically people seem to keep targeting the first one that got ahead and are less inclined to switch when someone else gets ahead. Never underestimate this tendency!

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