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“Practice a lot and carefully read your cards”

Hordes and Warmachine are easy to learn, but to master the game, you will have to practice a lot: against different armies, different lists and different oppponents. This way, you will be able to truly experience everything that this game has to offer, you will try a variety of play styles and you will see the tactical depth of the game. Expect to loose ofetn in the beginning, especially against experienced players – but try to learn from your mistakes (and from your opponent’s as well).
Also, remember to check your cards often, because in the heat of the battle, it is common to forget some of the rules for your models (and usually, you will remember that rule once it’s too late).

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“Bring enough beasts!”

If you look at the Fury of your warlock, remember that you need to consistently create up to that much fury on your beasts every turn. In this case, if you loose a single beast you might be out of 3-5 fury based on your list. I would recommend always bringing at least 1.5 times your warlock’s fury in fury generation, maybe up to 2 times if you have a way to prevent frenzying or reduce a warbeast’s fury.


If my warlock has 5 fury, I won’t bring less than 7.5 fury in beasts.
Fury 7 warlock ? Bring at least 11 points worth of fury in beasts
If I have a fury 7 warlock with a way to reduce their fury and control them I might bring up to 15 fury points in warbeasts, but going over that will probably be too much.

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