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Tips & Strategies (4)

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“Early Lead”

There are a couple tiles with primary colours only, finish these ones as early as possible in order to gain the income a finihsed tile provides. If you wish to keep the early lead this gives you it is important that you unlock your extra worker.

When market tiles are revieled try to see if the “worst” option is still useable sometimes there really is no bad option so wake up later and base your turn around which you market stall you are most likely to purchase from when going last / 2nd last

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“Custom Fresco Artwork”

Uncovering the fresco the first time is pretty exciting. It gives you a sense that you actually made the board a little prettier. Unfortunately, that excitement dwindles the more you play. I recommend adding your own art to solve this issue.

Print your chosen artwork onto a sheet of cardstock (You may need to use two pages and attach them). Use a fine point marker and ruler to draw up some grid guidelines matching the tile sizes. Laminate it to protect your creation and enable you to reuse.

Some ideas for artwork:

– photographs of actual historical pieces of art; preferably from the same era.

– holiday oriented themes or messages (“Happy Birthday Hai”).

– cryptic rebus puzzles ala Concentration either just for fun or bonus points.

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“Expansions are Base game too!”

Queen stripped down the basic game to make it as family friendly as possible. Most of the expansions, especially the first 3 included in the box, fit seamlessly into the core game. Not only was the board prepped for it, they add simple rules but add plenty of depth. Don’t be afraid to include these expansion immediately after your first play. No need to try them 1 at a time either. A game of Fresco with all the expansions is a very deep and rewarding experience that really makes a fun brain-burner.

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“Required Money Scoring Change!”

By the printed rules, leftover money scores 1VP per 2$. If played this way, an income only strategy almost always wins. To correct this, change the rate to 1VP per 3$. This makes money still valuable at endgame, but not dominant.

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