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“Choosing an Antarctica Expedition Team”

While Mountains of Madness is a lot of fun, it can be challenging to move to (and sometimes around) the expansion board. This works well thematically, but can be difficult for some investigators. Just like a real expedition into a difficult environment, choosing a team suited to the challenges is important. For instance, characters like Leo Anderson and Silas March can’t use their bonus dice ability anywhere in the Antarctica side board, and Finn Edwards movement power is likewise of no benefit.

When selecting investigators, or picking members of your team to go to Antarctica, you’ll want ones who can handle the terrain. Ursula Downs ability to move along uncharted paths is especially valuable, and anyone with high Influence for Acquiring Assets, such as Charlie Kane, can travel to the side board without making the long trek to the Antarctica space. Influence can also help secure valuable Assets like a Dog Sled or Antarctic Guide, which can make your travels and adventures in Antarctica easier. Akashi can be helpful as well, as she can move between Gates on the side board and main board as she closes them.

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