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Stone of the Sun
“Extended Hours: Official 3 and 4 Player Variant. ”

It’s no secret, this does not give a very consistent experience with 3 and 4 players as opposed to 2. This variant comes from the designer to give a better experience for 3 and 4 players.

Easy Breezy: Extended Hours is played over two rounds instead of one. In each round, all gameplay proceeds as normal with the exception of scoring. The first time a new destination card cannot be placed into the ticker after a player takes the “Book a Trip” action, the mid-game scoring round begins immediately.

Mid-game Scoring

• Players keep all passenger cards in their hands and their waiting areas for next round.
• Players earn bonuses based on the destination tickets they collected. Players may choose to score either a city or transportation type. They earn 5 dollars for each card in their largest set of like tickets (i.e. a set of Miami, or a set of Train). Mark a “C” for city or a “T” for transportation next to the player based on what they score (you will score the other type in the final scoring).
• All destination tickets held by the players (excluding those still in the ticker) are returned to their stacks and shuffled.
• Replace the missing destination ticket in the ticker with a card from the top of the stack.

The second round begins with the player to the left of the player who triggered the end of the first round. Play the second round as you played the first. When a new destination card cannot be placed into the ticker, each other player gets one more turn. Then final scoring begins.

Final Scoring

• All players score the type of set they did not score in the first round (if you scored a city in the first round, you must score a type of transportation in the second round). You score 5 dollars for each destination ticket in your largest set of that type.
• The player with the most money is the winner!

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