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“Character Creation is not a Group Activity”

The problem with character generation in the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Starter Set is that it is very much a solo effort. Each player needs to read through the Player Manual on his own which takes time and does not work as a group effort.

So the DM should either pass the Player Manual to his players in turn in the days or weeks leading up to play. Or he should create the characters himself in readiness and run the solo adventure as a standard encounter for a group of players. This will require him to expand the encounter.

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“First Purchase: Extra Set of Dice”

When you pick this set up, do yourself a favor and grab an extra set of polyhedral dice (ask someone at the store or Google that if you don’t know what that means). Having at least two sets of dice will speed your games and avoid the necessity of passing them back and forth between players and the Dungeon Master. Any thing that helps your games go smoother will encourage your friends to come back to play again, thus establishing your role-playing group.

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