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“Get your players to work as a team and don't be afraid of role play!”

I reward my players for their teamwork. Because the classes in 4th edition are balanced to absurdity, there’s almost no reason to use teamwork in most fights. Encourage teamwork in 4th by adding elements to the campaign that forces yet rewards them for working together.

For example, in my own campaign, the characters received elemental abilities that I created for them (water, earth, fire, wind, etc). They came up with really awesome ways to combine the abilities to overcome obstacles.

4th edition is VERY fight-centric, but don’t let that force you to make your game all about fighting.

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“These monsters will work just fine...”

…in Pathfinder. If you get lazy as a GM, crack this open and make a level-appropriate encounter for a Pathfinder group. It mixes things up a bit by adding Bloodied effects and recharging abilities. I’m no fan of 4E, but most of my complaints are with the player experience. The MM and the DMG have some very good content that could be used in a 3.x/Pathfinder setting.

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“Monster Manual on a business card”

Here’s a great way to adjust monsters between levels on the fly: The Monster Manual (3) on a business card!

It works best on monsters from the most recent monster manual and monster vault, but show be balanced enough for making adjustments to anything! Having this at ready allows the DM to improvise encounters and monsters more easily.

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“A Better Alternative”

With the release of the D&D Monster Vault, you’re better off giving this a pass and buying that instead. The amount of errata for this is pretty large.

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“Making your own monsters is easy”

Have an idea for a baddie for your game, but it isn’t in the book? Just find something similar, and adjust it into what you want. You’ll have a base set of ability scores and powers, and you won’t have to worry as much about what challenge rating to give your own monster.

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