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Tips & Strategies (4)

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“Only have 2 Players? Then just go fully Co-Op! ”

Look, I love this game… but if you’ve ever played this game with only 2 players, then you’ll know that the “End Game” sequence (when a player becomes the new boss by acquiring the summoning stone) is pretty anti-climactic. 9 times out of 10, one player just kills the other and it’s over… which sort of takes the “Run” out of “Dungeon Run”.

To remedy this, the wife and I just play this game as fully co-op.
The rules pretty much stay the same, only once the end boss has been defeated and one of up obtains the summoner stone, BOTH of us have to escape to the exit. If either player dies at this point, they are killed (as opposed to just knocked out) and both the heroes have lost the game!!

Also, all of the tiles now require a new roll when entering (to check for monsters/traps/treasures), so making it back to the start isn’t just a walk in park.

In this variant, the free actions “sabotage” and “summon” don’t come into play, since you are fully co-op and have no real need to screw each other over.

Obviously, this eliminates all the backstabbing out of the game. Playing cutthroat can be great in a game with a big group, but it’s almost pointless in a 2 player game. Some players might actually prefer not having to be mean to each other.

So, if you are playing 2-player and want a change at the end OR just playing with someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy “being a jerk”, then give this a try!!

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“First Player Token”

It pays to be the one holding the first player token in this game! At the end of a round the first player is the one who roams the monsters which can either help or put your team mates in danger!

Also as soon as the boss monster spawns, you are in charge of roaming him, and the boss can teleport to any room, an easy way to pick of a weak player before grabbing that Summoner Stone. Take advantage of that token!

Happy dungeon running!

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“Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill! ~ A Dungeon Run Strategic Tip”

This may sound obvious, but you should set yourself up to add a tile and kill a monster on every turn (If you can get an encounter rolled) . Why? Because, each time you kill a monster (or solve a trap) you get the encounter card. Then, you can turn the cards (2) in to level up AND get a new extra power card. So, don’t get distracted on a turn following another player or even talking to a stranger encounter card. Just kill… and kill some more. Sometimes another player escapes and leaves a monster… go kill it. When you are First Player have the monster roam to you… and kill it. There are a couple monsters that are tough, but I found it was possible to kill most of them without too much damage, and then you can take a rally step to remove 1 damage token. If you get knocked down… it can be a pain… but you aren’t dead until the Boss is killed, so swing for the fences. The stronger you get… the less likely you’ll get killed anyway.

Dungeon Run Strategic Tip ~ Kill, Kill, Kill!

My name is Granny, and I approve this message.

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“Exploring Late Game”

When you are 4-6 tiles away from the last tile, start exploring in a straight line AWAY from the dungeon entrance. This will help ensure that the boss tile is placed adjacent to where you are since it is placed farthest from the entrance.

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