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“Cheat your way to the bank”

The new Sloane outfit, Den of Thieves, seems a little underwhelming to start, but careful analysis shows it to be capable of a considerable economic engine. It allows you to run two Grifters instead of one, and get each at a discount of 1 Ghost Rock — thus, in effect, it is a 19GR starting box instead of the printed 17.

The printed ability lets you add a bounty to one of your Grifters to increase your draw hand’s rank by 1 and gain a Ghost Rock. The drawback is that your hand is now a Cheatin’ hand, and you are subject to the penalties of Cheatin’ Resolution actions played by your opponent. If you’re already cheating in lowball, use the ability to gain a Rock and make back the money you gave up — or increase your winnings even more if your lowball hand is lower than your opponent’s by two ranks or more.

Once you have Wanted Grifters on the table, use Sloane’s own pet lawyer, Makaio Kaleo, Esq., to transfer the bounties around to those who can use them more, like the Aims brothers, Marion Seville, or if you want even more cash to work with, Milt Clemons. Turn Milt into an even better source of income with the new Monte Bank card, making him a Grifter, and every time you use the Den of Thieves ability with him, you generate 2GR.

Economic advantage can allow you to slough more Dudes onto the table, take on expensive Jobs, and control more of the town. Just be aware of your opponent’s Cheatin’ punishment, and you can clean up (in) Gomorra!

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