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“Farming your land...”

The Farmland card is especially handy to turn into Provinces, if you can play it right. Because purchasing a Farmland allows you to trash a card and gain a card costing exactly two more than the one you trash, you can buy a Farmland, trash a Farmland, and get a Province. If you’re able to play this one correctly, the net gain in VP is fantastic. You could also turn a silver into a Duchy… or a Gold into a Province, so don’t be scared away by this card’s higher cost and lower point value.

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“King's Court + Scheme combo”

The Scheme card by itself is a pretty nifty card; +1 card, +1 action, and an action card in play can be returned to the top of the deck to be drawn during the next draw phase. Where this card really shines is in combination with Throne Room or King’s Court. Playing either of the aforementioned cards to replicate Scheme means that you will have set yourself up to start the next turn with both of those cards in hand.

King’s Court is especially powerful for this. Since you effectively play Scheme 3 times, you get 3 cards, 3 actions, and get to return 3 played actions to the top of the draw deck. That’s King’s Court, Scheme, and one other action you may have played as well. If you’re lucky enough to have the 3rd card be another King’s Court, you can set yourself up for the difficult King’s Court + King’s Court combo, where you can replicate 3 separate action cards 3 different times each. Performing this combo can lead to purchasing multiple provinces and colonies in a round, all while setting yourself up for another combo next turn.

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