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Everyone knows (and if you don’t take this to heart) that trashing is the king of Dominion. Any card that goes out in a random set that gives some sort of trashing ability has at least some place in a Dominion build.

Remake (a card from this set) may finally be the card that upsets Chapel as the top trash card. At 4, you can get it and a silver in your opening buys. Often, with Chapel , the opportunity does not present itself to trash more than 2 cards. So this card is just as powerful.

The other game option to look for in the supply when choosing Remake is whether there is a good 3 cost card or not. If there is, ditch those pesky Estates and get something that helps you.

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“Menageries are most welcome in the Hamlets”

Pulling off a bigger draw with Menagerie may some too luck-based. However, a Hamlet is a great way to manage this luck – especially early in the game, when Coppers and Estates are plentiful.

Use the double discard feature of Hamlet to selectively discard duplicates in your hand, even if it means losing some Coin. The additional 2 cards drawn should offset anything you discard. In addition, it may increase the life of this hand, especially with the additional Action Hamlet also gives in this situation.

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“Maximum Output from Fairgrounds”

Fairgrounds is a cool new victory card in Cornucopia, that gives you 2 pts for every five different card names in your deck. This can yield some good rewards for you if other players are concentrating on stacking up several of the same couple cards, leaving you free to spread out your buys.

With 10 kingdom cards, three coins, three victory cards and the Curse, a typical setup has only 17 different cards, meaning that even if you buy one of every card on the table, you still only get six points. An average score is four, which is reasonable for six coins. Six points for six coins is very good. But you can, in fact, do better.

If you are playing with a few high-cost Prosperity cards, the Colony and Platinum go into the mix, which still only brings you to 19. But the Young Witch card adds an 11th kingdom card, which brings you to… 20. Now you can get EIGHT points for six coins, a real bargain! An alternative is to use Tournament and snag one or more of the Prize cards to add to your total.

This strategy works better if you have ways to buy multiple cards in the same turn, or if you have cards that allow you to gain a card in addition to your normal buy, e.g. Horn of Plenty, University or Workshop. Without something like this to assist, taking 17 or more turns to get every card you need can put you significantly behind your opponent(s).

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“Prize Patrol: Ranking the Tournament Prizes”

While determining which Prizes to gain is always situational, I find myself more often than not, going for the Prizes in this order:

1) Trusty Steed – Of course you need a loyal horse to get you around your Dominion. This versatile card gives you 2 of 4 options. I most often take advantage of the +2 Cards and +2 Actions. If my deck is slim on Action cards, I’ll grab the +2 Coin instead of Actions. Rarely do I take the Silvers unless I need an influx of coin or want to get my discard back into my deck.

2) Princess – After gaining a loyal friend, saving the Princess should be the next goal. Everyone likes a lovely lady and they will reduce the cost of everything just to enter into negotiations with her. Buying Provinces is the way to win, and buying them at 6-Coin is the way to win more quickly.

3) Bag of Gold – The first two are my standard choices. At this point, it becomes a bit more dependent on the game state and availability. Gaining a Gold is almost always a good choice and the extra Action this card generates means your hand keeps playing.

4) Diadem – This is always an expensive Silver but becomes valuable with Action generating decks. All of a sudden, Villages become lucrative as each leftover Action magically turns into a Coin. The big caution here is that it is a Treasure and Treasure-stealing cards can swipe it. So keep this in mind before crowning yourself.

5) Followers – This is my least favorite of the Prizes. As an attack card, it is unique among the Action Prizes. Your following must be comprised of Militia and Goons as they always force your opponents down to 3 cards. If they are still in Supply, they also give them a Curse. The problem with the card is it also gives you an Estate. So while it can be a wonderful attack card, it still clogs your deck at the same time. If you grab this, grab another card that can do something with Estates. I would rather have seen this distribute VP tokens.

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“Tournament prizes!”

I will no longer remind my friends about this rule, because it’s both simple and written on the card.

When you win a prize for your Tournament/Province combo, your prize goes ON TOP OF YOUR DECK. If you treat it like a gain and discard it, I reserve the right to laugh at you in the event you lose the game.

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