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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Test the waters before diving in”

If you have never played games of this style it might be a good idea to try castle panic before diving into this one. Even though the game is not extremely difficult by any means the rule book and somewhat awkward mechanics can throw you for a loop when you’re a newbie. Castle panic is a lighter more gentle ease into this style and in my opinion made dead panic better in comparison having played it first. I say this from experience and the novice friends i let borrow it had a rough go when diving right it. Hope this helps, Cheers!

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“What to do with Survivors”

One thing that the rules don’t really clarify is what happens to the survivor tokens when they reach the cabin. Sure, they drop the radio piece you need, but then what? Do they go back in the bag? Do they just idly stand in the cabin? That seemed kind of lame, so we came up with this house rule:

Survivors hate being alone, so they will always move toward the space in the cabin with the most players/survivors. If there is a tie, they will move toward the one that is nearest to them. Once the rescue van shows up, they will move toward the van, regardless of the danger or where the other players because, well, they panic (Dead Panic! Get it?).

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