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“Mixing with original”

The rule book for Heroes United provides tips for mixing with the original game – suggesting you mix by card type (Super Powers from one, Villains from another, Location from one, etc). We followed these with some modifications. When drawing the Super Villain stack, we mixed all of the villains together. We also mixed all of the Super Hero cards and dealt two to each player, letting everyone choose between their two. This worked out great.

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“Buying your win in a gumball machine”

Kyle Rayner offers an alternate victory condition, letting you win the game if you play three Power Rings during the same turn as you play him. Plastic Man allows you to make him into an exact copy of an Equipment card in your hand or discard pile. If you’ve acquired Kyle and a couple of Rings, you can round out your deck with Plastic Man, and the hopping hero can be your third ring for the win. There are multiple copies of Plastic Man in Heroes Unite, so you can shore up this strategy even further.

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“into the Multiverse”

Cryptozoic now has a Multiverse Box to store all sets and expansions in one place. This is great! It comes with plastic themed dividers and some extra cards to add to the game. This is a great addition for a great family of games!!

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