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“Smoking is good for your Health”

Too many times I have played with someone who has a radio but, hardly
every uses Smoke. Artillery bombardment is fine but at times Smoke
is better. Don’t forget, you have to break an enemy unit twice to
eliminate it and if you don’t, well chances are the enemy units
will recover and nothing will be accomplished.
If you want to advance on a fortified location or prevent an enemy
Infantry Gun from causing havoc to your soldiers, just drop a bunch
of Smoke on it or in front of it and that should give you some
breathing room.
So don’t forget to use Smoke because sometimes Smoke can be a good thing.

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“The Initiative Card Is Mine!!!”

Some players hold on to the Initiative card as if it was the Holy Grail.
Sure the card is useful as a tie breaker at the end of a game, but in all the games I’ve played I can’t recall a game ever ending in a tie.
Obviously you shouldn’t waste the card on something trivial or to try and accomplish something that has very little chance of success (ie. you need a 12 in order to succeed), but don’t be afraid to use it when the situation does have a good possibility of succeeding.
I remember playing a game where the Initiative card was continuously passed around as if it was a hot potato. This actually turned into a fun pass the Initiative Card type of game.
So the next time you play Combat Commander, remember the Initiative Card and don’t be afraid to use it.

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“Don't be scared of passing”

Hand management is vital in CC. It’s much better for you to pass for a turn and use your ability to discard cards that are not of immediate use than it is to take only 1 or 2 actions that might be useful. What you want in your hand often depends on the scenario and what your goals are but in some cases you may be able to do something on your turn, but you won’t have any action cards left to use opportunity fire. Consider passing in these cases to discard and draw more cards with the hope that you can interrupt the enemy when they are at their most vulnerable running between cover on the map.

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“Things to keep in mind when Playing”

Here are some things to keep in mind when playing Combat Commander.

1- Remember what the objectives are (it’s not all about enemy contact)
2- Use the Initiative card wisely
3- Get your units away from your board edge (if your unit breaks, the opposing player can end up routing your unit off the board, and this is bad thing)
4- Always keep an eye out on how many cards are left in either player’s draw decks. This will give you an idea of when to expect a Time Trigger. The reason this is important (especially when Sudden Death may occur)is because it will allow you to make certain judgement calls on how much risk you are willing to take in order to attempt to get some last minute valuable points, knowing that the game may end.
5- Only keep the cards in your hand that are immediately useful or will
be useful in the following turn. This is difficult to do, because
sometimes you don’t want to waste a turn discarding.
6- When Defending, remember that you don’t have as many cards in your
hand as the opposing player, so being heroic may not be… in the
cards. You may also have less units under your command, so don’t
sacrifice them in vain. Also watch out for the enemy units
surrounding you, and thus preventing you from routing should that be
the case

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