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“The Stronghold - A Word of Caution”

The Stronghold development makes a great way to deter others from trying to force their way into the areas of the board you’re building up in with any figure moving onto the tile needing a 5 or 6 to not be destroyed.

Because of this added protection, it can be tempting to put one on your entrance space since it makes it a lot harder for another gang to take that spot over blocking you from bringing more than two gang members onto the board at a time.

The word of caution is that if the rival gang is able to capture the development, you now have to roll to bring anything onto the board and then hope you can win the fight, making it that much harder to get back into the game.

It’s especially risky in a 3 player game since the entrance spots from one gang to the next are closer together. Red could potential attack by their second action.

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“Remove the Communication Device Cards ~ A CoR House Rule”

If the player with the yellow gang cards gets the Communication Device cards/s… they can create an infinite money loop (completely breaking the game). I’ve contacted Colby at Plaid Hat Games, and he suggests the Errata will be out soon changing the card so the discard pile is not put back into the deck when shuffled. You could do this as well… but the OCD players in our group will not allow this to occur. They feel the card is broken, and needs to be replaced after further testing. I tend to agree. I’m a bit disappointed this was not discovered during play-testing, as we discovered it on our first game. Take the Communication Device cards out to avoid the frustration.

CoR House Rule ~ Take the Communication Device Cards Out!

Granny thinks this could be a great game with a few more fixes.

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