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“One of Many Strategies”

As a co-author of this game, I’ve played it more times than I can remember. But throughout every stage of development for Chicken Caesar, we concentrated on creating a multitude of different strategies capable of winning the game. Most of these strategies are situational and depend highly on table politics, but there are some strategies that are generally always a good idea. Here’s one…

Caesar + Praetor

If you’re shooting for a second term as Caesar (you will want to), make sure you have a Rooster in the Praetor’s office. Having a Rooster in that office will help you keep Roosters alive when the fox comes lurking. If any Roosters die, Caesar doesn’t get a second term, so keeping them alive is important.

In addition, as Caesar you will definitely want to bribe some Adeiles to keep taxes down. After all, when you get to your second term, taxes go up by 2.

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“Don't Exile Your Own Praetor”

I was able to secure the position of Praetor and Censor. Our Adeals jacked up the tax rate, so it was inevitable heads were going to roll. I tried to out think myself and used my Censor action to exile my Praetor, and used my Praetor to save my Censor. I didn’t lose any chickens but I lost all my potions. On top of that because my actions were so obviously self serving another player was able to leverages this to keep me out of office the whole game. I still had a blast though.

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