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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Best way to get familiar with the game”

What worked really good for me was the Watch it Played video from Rodney as he goes over the first game rules & adds in some spots to show a few things off you’d see in game 1 without spoiling too much.

Tip: agreed with others on go slow especially in the first few games as in our game, someone would open a crate & then jump ahead to the next person (while I was getting the cards) only to have something new pop up which caused the players to recall their moves to adjust. So when a crate or new mechanic/card pops up, pause the game.

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“Slow Down the first 2-3 games!”

It’s easy to rush Games 2 and 3 because you think you know what’s happening now, but if you do, you could miss pulling out the right set of cards, or even all of the cards listed, thereby weakening a certain player, or missing important rules going forward!

SLOW. DOWN. Read the crate lists carefully and get another player (and maybe a third!) to double/triple check you’re reading the right crate number and that all the cards listed have been pulled out and read.

We messed up in Game 2 somehow, skipping over the rules for Game 3, and ended up playing Game 2 twice more using those rules — which meant the imbalance at the end of a game expanded into the next game and then the next. Luckily, by the end of the 4th game, we realised things couldn’t continue in this way, otherwise one of us would never win and one of us would win by increasing margin game over game.

After carefully going back through the cards, we found the missing set of rules and had to back up to Game 3 (even though we’d already given credit to wins for the third and fourth misplayed games — oh well). We’re back on track, and currently finished Game 5 and the game is making sense again.

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