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“The Enemy of your Enemy is the Provost”

Early domination of the Provost can be detrimental to your opponent if he is keen on placing workers on the latter buildings. By continually allocating workers to the ‘3 Gold’ and ‘Move Provost for Free’ special buildings, you stand a good chance of being able to maneuver the Provost back far enough to critically upset your opponent’s plans. After his initial gold is depleted, he will be left with little enough in subsequent turns to place more than 2 or 3 workers per turn. With one of your own workers lazying away at the Inn, you can insure economical placement of your remainders, even when your opponent is forced to pass early.

Though this strategy keeps 2-3 of your workers tied up on specific buildings, with the Inn in play, you can cheaply place your remaining workers in lower-placed spots, building up resources and/or favor while your opponent stands impotent in his tracks.

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