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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Computer trades”

When I play against the computer, I pretty much decline all trades. However, if you get a really subpar starting setup you will most likely have 1 resource you have a lot of trouble getting. So you can just skip all trades unless it’s showing the resource you need, then evaluate which resource they’re wanting from you and decide if it’s a good deal.

Also, trading against the computer is pretty easy and isn’t much of a risk. Just pick which resource you want and try 1 of everything to see if any of them pick it up, and if not then you can either trade with the bank or just forget about it.

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I started playing Catan a few weeks ago but have not been able to get into a full game again. I downloaded the IPad version to learn the basics. It makes a great “simulator” for learning the mechanics of the game. No way near as much fun as the real in person version, but a great way to learn on your own.

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