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“Add Artillery units to increase the strategy value.”

After many, many plays of this 1941 version I have come to draw the opinion that Artillery units are indeed sorely missing from the core play balance. Why? Well, Infantry are still 3 IPCs but Tanks are now 6 IPCs (which is just too expensive for some players on a game of this small scale). As a result, you tend to see largely Infantry only armies facing each other, and we all know what the result of that situation is! Why the developers decided to omit Artillery from this edition is simply beyond me…

I have therefore started to add the Artillery as units that can be purchased from Turn 1 of the game. Just pay the 4 IPCs and place them in the Mobilization Zone as normal. However, you could also add a few to the initial start up. If this were the case, I would suggest placing 1 Artillery unit into the following:

GERMANY – West Russia, Ukraine

SOVIET UNION – Russia, Leningrad

UNITED KINGDOM – United Kingdom, India

JAPAN – Japan, Central China

UNITED STATES – Eastern US, Western US

That should balance things out pretty nicely. Feel free to add more Artillery units to the starting set up if you wish.

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“Main rule differences between this version and the others.”

Thought it’d be helpful to just list the main differences you can expect to find when you open the box and read the rulebook, so here goes…

First of all, the new plastic playing piece sculpts:

Allied Tank – IS-2 (USSR)
Allied Fighter – P-40 Warhawk (USA)
Allied Bomber – Lancaster (UK)
Allied Battleship – Admiral class (HMS Hood) (UK)
Allied Aircraft Carrier – Kostromitinova class (USSR)
Allied Destroyer – Sumner class (USA)
Allied Submarine – U class (UK)
Allied Transport – Fort class (UK)

Axis Tank – Tiger I (Germany)
Axis Fighter – Fw-190 (Germany)
Axis Bomber – He-111 (Germany)
Axis Battleship – Kongo class (Japan)
Axis Aircraft Carrier – Akagi class (Japan)
Axis Destroyer – Akitzuki class (Japan)
Axis Submarine – Kaichu type (Japan)
Axis Transport – Yamazuki Maru (Japan)

There are NO Artillery, Cruiser, or Anti-Aircraft units in this 1941 version.

No Technology rules. (but you could house rule them if you wanted to)

No new Industrial Complexes. (what you begin with is all you get)

Aircraft Carriers cost 12 (as opposed to 14), Battleships cost 16 (as opposed to 20) and Tanks cost 6 (as opposed to 5).

The Turkish straits (the Dardanelles) are CLOSED. (no naval passage allowed between the Black See and Mediterranean)

No Strategic Bombing Raids. (hence no need for AA Guns)

There are 2 different Victory conditions: (1) Axis must control any two Allied capitals (London, Moscow or Washington) at the end of the US player’s turn, whilst the Allies must control both Berlin & Tokyo and the end of the Japanese player’s turn.

(2) Alternatively (for a shorter game) the Axis must control either London or Washington at the end of the US player’s turn, whilst the Allies must control either Berlin or Tokyo the end of the US player’s turn.

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