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“Easing into the Sanity losses”

On the first few run throughs of CotDP, the lose a Sanity each time a Unique Item is gained was a real killer. So to get a feel for how the expansion plays without spending every other turn in Arkham Asylum, you can A) not take the Sanity loss from your initial items, B) roll for a Will or Lore check to see if you lose the point, or C) make the loss against a straight up success/failure roll.

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“The Dark Pharaoh and cursed exhibit items”

When you have the Dark Pharaoh herald in play, getting exhibit items becomes a lot more dangerous — you have a fair chance of getting cursed every time you receive an exhibit item, and cursed investigators tend to get punished when you’re playing with the Pharaoh herald. What makes getting exhibit items especially frustrating is the dice roll that decides whether you get cursed or not is (as far as I understand) not affected by clue tokens or most investigator ability.

So while the exhibit items are generally really cool, the risks for getting them are kind of high in this situation. Here are a few ways to soften the blows.

-Make sure someone is using Rex Murphy (from the Kingsport Horror expansion) as their investigator. Rex is a great character, but starts the game with a curse. You can basically send him around to pick up exhibit items, thus reducing the risk to the other players. Rex won’t last long, since cursed characters lose stamina every round when the Pharaoh is in play, but there are ways to mitigate this (investigators like Leo Anderson or Vincent Lee, or through items). One downside is that, while cursed, it’ll be harder to actually GET the items, but it’s worth the risk.

-Save up for a blessing before you start getting items. Knock a few monsters off or close a few gates and then go for the exhibit items.

-There are other little things that help, like the Anointed benefit effect, Father Iwanicki’s ally card, and so on.

None of these points particularly make getting exhibit items easy when you’re using the Pharaoh herald, but they can help make things at least a tiny bit easier.

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“Monsters and patrolled neighborhoods”

It seems kind of odd that monsters would wander willy-nilly into a neighborhood of suspicious townies.

So: A) monsters can come into play in patrolled streets (assume they hide in a basement or something).

B) Human-seeming monsters — cultists, witches, The Black Man, Shadowy Figure, Wizard Whately (any more I may have missed? I’m going off the AH Wiki) can end a move in a patrolled street.
B1) Maniacs can enter, but their odd behavior gets them committed to the asylum if they end movement in a patrolled street; return to cup.
B2) Riots either don’t enter, enter but decide to think better of their behavior and are removed, or chase off the patrol and bump up the terror level by 1.

C) Fast monsters can move through a patrolled street, but not end movement there.
C1) All other monsters do not move into patrolled streets

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