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Tips & Strategies (4)

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“Power Up!”

Make sure power cards are an integral part of your game! Power cards can grant you a big advantage over your opponents. They can give you a bidding advantage, make it cheaper to build a pyramid, increase your harvest, give you a free farmer, give you gold or give you victory points. Draw power cards liberally because even if you can’t use them, they can be discarded at any time for 1 gold.

I find the power cards which grant victory points to be especially troublesome to opponents. All information in the game is open, except power cards and gold. Your opponents are watching you build your pyramids and trying to match you. They may also be keeping tabs on the amount of gold you spend. However, at the end of the game you can surprise them with bonus victory points from power cards to take the victory!

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“Spend Gold Wisely”

This may go without saying, but in Amun Re – especially – you must spend wisely. There are too many options of ways to spend your gold vying for your attention, you must keep straight what your goal is and keep your options open.

First, think before you bid. There are multiple paths to victory, do not limit yourself to going after only the province with the most farmers. Temples are VALUABLE, and sometimes overlooked. At the same time, don’t spend so much on temples that you could have just built up the same number of points in pyramids in your provinces with the money you saved.

Second, look ahead. If you’re in your second round and considering buying a farmer for 4 gold, you better be SURE (or as close to it as possible) the sacrifice track will go beyond 2. Why pay for a farmer now who will only PROBABLY even pay you back in two turns? Also, it never hurts to purchase 1 power card per turn if you are able, as you can always sell power cards back for 1 each.

Potentially, the most valuable – with your purchases: start early, buy a little. It may not seem like much, but you can build 1 pyramid in 3 turns for 3 gold by building 1 stone each round, for 3 rounds. Alternatively, you can build 1 pyramid in 1 round by paying 6 gold. Worth it? maybe…but do not overlook similar ways to save gold.

Finally, don’t overlook the sacrifice: It may seem like a waste to sacrifice much, but the rewards are also high. If your higher sacrifice can tip the scales to the next level, you gain more money per farmer, may cause opponents with camel spaces to lose money, you gain sacrifice rewards, and get to be first player. In the rewards, assuming you only take blocks, you can build 1 full pyramid each turn with only the reward (worth 6 gold by itself). Claiming extra power cards that you may not even have access to otherwise could be helpful if you’re searching for bonus points. While farmers may seem like a good way to gain gold, consider how much gold each farmer you take will gain, with the number of rounds remaining.

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“Get sets of pyramids”

Getting sets of pyramids is extremely valuable when it comes to points and when you get them you have them, unlike the conditional points cards that aren’t flexible at all. Getting one, two or maybe even three sets of pyramids will net you some serious points.

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“Pay Attention when Bidding”

I’ve had a few games where I get halfway through (to the point where we are bidding on some of the provinces from the first half) and I look at the province that just got drawn and think “that’s so nice, I have to have it.” Sometimes this is true, I have the most money, and the province already has 2 – 3 pyramids on it. If I build it up more, I just bought myself 5 points at game end (kind of a big deal). Other times, I pay more than I should for a province (just add up what it would cost to upgrade a bare province to that level, and if you can – factor in what income you may get compared to the cost of putting out farmers). Sometimes, that “nice” property is only worth bidding on to make someone else overpay for it. Just don’t get too excited, thnk first.

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