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“Some Heroes to Consider for This Quest”

This can be a very challenging quest. The heroes you choose can have a big impact on the outcome of the game. Here are a few heroes I think can really shine in this quest.

Glorfindel – He has a high threat cost, but he has a healing ability. A Journey to Rosgobel uses many card effects that damage your characters and heroes, and Glorfindel’s healing ability can prove very useful.

Legolas – This quest’s encounter deck has several different enemies that can only be defended or attacked by Eagle characters or characters with ranged. This is where Legolas comes in. He is the only hero with Ranged. He is also a tactics sphere hero, and tactics is the only sphere with Eagle characters.

Denethor – Denethor’s ability to move an encounter card to the bottom of the deck is very useful, and it is even more so in this quest. Success relies on obtainig a certain number of Athelas objective cards from the encounter deck. Denethor can be used to cycle through the encounter deck a little faster to find the Athelas cards you need to win.

Eleanor – There are a lot of treachery cards that deal damage to your characters in this quest, and Eleanor’s ability to cancel Treachery cards can save you from those. Be aware that the treachery card will be replaced by the next card in the encounter deck.

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