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“If you found this cheap and don't have expansions or 2nd edition...”

You must, MUST, M.U.S.T. use the Ports from A Clash of Kings! Here is a link to the rules: (page 6 and an example on page 7)
Just proxy the ports. Here are where they go:
1. Dragonstone
2. Lannisport
3. Old Town (in the Redwyne Straights)
4. Pyke
5. Storms End (in Shipbreaker Bay)
6. Sunspear (in East Summer Sea)
7. White Harbor (in the Narrow Sea)
8. Winterfell (Bay of Ice)

The ports are essential to maintain game balance and allow players to try to rebuild ships after a severe defeat at sea.

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I really, really liked this game after I figured it out, which took me about 4 rounds, but that is 3 rounds too many!! Make sure if it is your first time that you really go through the rules and ask questions. Put the prep in! After my first game and saw the mechanics, it becomes obvious that you need a solid strategy from the beginning, feeling things out leads to destruction;)

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