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“Don't let anyone dominate the issue track”

As the title says, giving your opponent complete control of the issue track is one of the easiest ways to get beat badly in this game. There are a lot of things going on in the game, but try to maintain a lead in at least one of the three issues. You do not want your opponent to sweep all of the end of round bonuses. But also make sure you are not spending too many Campaign Points on the issue track (no need for overkill) while ignoring the other areas of the game.

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“Be gentle with foreigners”

There is a certain amount of intuitive knowledge for this game that comes from simply experiencing the craziness of the American electoral system. I played 1960 with an Irish friend of mine and he quickly got lost. He learned a lot, but he definitely experienced a much more difficult learning curve than I have seen with other newbies to the game.

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