Details About Game Exploration Quests

How to work on a game exploration quest

1. Determine if the game is explorable
– The Game Exploration Quests page lists which games are currently explorable.
– When on a game page that is explorable you will see an Explore tab (with the eye icon) located on the bottom-right of your browser window.

2. Complete ten exploration steps
– The ten available steps are listed on the Game Exploration Quests page.

– To see which steps you’ve completed, while on the game page that you are exploring, click the Explore tab (with they eye icon) located in the bottom-right of your browser. It will expand to show you which steps you’ve completed and what you did to complete them.

3. “Click to finish”
– When all the steps are full, the eye icon on the Exploration tab will change to a flag and it will say “click to finish.” Simply click on the flag and you’re done!
– You may need to refresh the game page after you’ve completed the tenth step in order to have the eye icon change to the flag.

Game exploration quests are a great way to get rewarded on! Along with the rewards you get for performing some of the steps, you’ll also get a nice reward for completing the exploration quest for a game. Here is what you will get:

Q: I’ve already rated tips and reviews for a game before it became explorable, but those ratings aren’t showing up in the Exploration tab progress tracker.
A: Previously rated tips and reviews will only count as steps towards exploration for a game if there aren’t more tips and reviews available for you to read and rate.

Q: I was following an explorable game, but it isn’t counting as a step.
A: If you aren’t currently following a game that is explorable, you won’t receive a following step, even if you used to be following it. Check to make sure you are still following that game.

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