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Forbidden Island

98 out of 112 gamers thought this was helpful

The set up is easy, lay out your game board (Your forbidden island), deal the character cards (Like pandemic), deal 2 treasure cards and go.

Goal: Cooperatively collect the 4 treasures by turning in 4 of the same treasure cards on the corresponding tile (think pandemic) and then escape before any of the treasure, players or helipad sink.

Each turn is comprised of three phases.

1st phase is your actions, like Pandemic you can either move, shore up a tile (flipping over a sinking tile), use one of your special character actions, turn in 4 of the same treasure card to collect that treasure or give a card to a player on the same tile (like Pandemic).

2nd phase is drawing two treasure cards. Your treasure card will most likely be 1 of 4 treasures you are hunting for, a special card such as shore up a tile or the heli-lift tile (which you need to win at the end) or a bad card that will raise the level of your water table. The further the water level goes up the more flood cards your draw which is your next phase.

The 3rd phase you flip over (to start) three flood cards that dictate which areas of the island you flip over. If one of the tiles is already flipped over, that portion of the island is sunk and gone forever preventing movement for most players.

Overall this is an enjoyable game, but it plays like an intro to Pandemic. It seems very limited in replay value as i do not see it handing out any new experiences after a couple plays.

I recommend this game to kids, families, beginners, and only to the hard core gamer that is looking to mix this into game night very rarely as a additional change to the pace of your epic dragon slaying quests.

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Batman Fluxx

92 out of 137 gamers thought this was helpful

Fluxx in general is either liked or hated. Myself and the lady are on the side of loving it. As far as all the Fluxx games go, this one is one of my favorites. Mainly because I’m a comic book nerd. The set up is easy and after one practice round you’ll be ready!!! The cards have the basic batman animated series art and looking at them is not a bad thing. Although, some sick comic book art would have been amazing, but it probably would feel out of character with Fluxx’s crazy play. I recommend this to families and or people who want to play a real quick and easy card game. Replay may be limited, but I am sure it will be fun to play here and there for years to come.

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