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Ultimate Werewolf: Wolfpack - Board Game Box Shot

Ultimate Werewolf: Wolfpack

| Published: 2014
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Who are the most famous werewolves in the world? Better yet, how about the most famous *wolves* in the world? Ultimate Werewolf: Wolfpack has them all and in ways you'd never expect.

This expansion for Ultimate Werewolf has six new roles for your werewolfing fun. Think werewolves are too meek? That's because your villages have never had The Big Bad Wolf, who leads the werewolves to eliminate villagers twice as fast while he's in the game. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the terrifyingly-confused Fruit Brute, who is, of all things, a vegetarian. Elizabeth Taylor was pretty scary as Martha the crazy socialite, but every game you'll want to know who in your group is actually afraid of Virginia Woolf. And there's three more famous wolves, including one that totally coincidentally shares a name with one of the X-Men.

This expansion is compatible with Ultimate Werewolf (black backs). This expansion is included in the Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition.

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“Good game”

Played this at the usual game night and I have never played any other version of this but I had heard about it. I enjoyed it but like all party or large group games it’s hit or miss with the people you play with. I played with some people who were good and some who were bad. Of course you are probably wondering what makes someone good or bad at this and it’s simple. It’s not if they are a good character in the game or a bad character it’s how they play. The way the game works is at first the moderator will ask everyone to close their eyes and the ask certain people to open their eyes according to their role in the game, for example villager, seer, werewolf, etc. so that they know who is who. Then once that is sorted out they will ask everyone to open their eyes and you will have to nominate someone to go on the ‘chopping block’. It will need to be seconded by someone and then that person will get to defend themselves (this is where you will find people who are good and bad at the game. Defend yourself!!!! Don’t just say ‘I’m a good guy’). After they have given their defense then you will vote. If the majority rules and ties mean nothing. If they lose the vote they die and reveal their identity (OHs and Ahs after revealing). If they win and are voted not to die then a second and third person get nominated. If after 3 people are voted down from the noose you go into night mode and the werewolves kill someone. There may be some exceptions to this such as the witch saving the person being killed (they are told who is going to die and then can 1 time save that person). Anyways I could go on about the game as there are many roles in the game as it can play up to 45 people I think I was told. Try it with your friends or make new friends by trying it with new people.


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