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40 out of 46 gamers thought this was helpful

I tried this game out at the games workshop for the dealers a while back. It was a very fun game.
The game is where you play a minor villain who wishes to become a well known super villain that can take on the Superhero of the city.
Everyone gets a dial to represent you villain’s level of abilities. There are three abilities that help you perform tasks within the game.
The first fun thing is to name your villain. You can use the name given on the card or use the many words on small tiles to help create a name. The last option is to just come up with a name on your own. This can be funny and fun to create.
Next you take on cards to play the game. The cards can have secret identity to work and earn money to help purchase items for you criminal activities. You can also take on criminal activities such as putting kittens in trees or robbing banks. The putting kittens in trees is a funny action, but some how all those kittens get in trees for the hero to rescue.
You complete levels of actions to prepare yourself for the fight against the superhero. This can be easy if you have the right skill levels and weapons, but there some challenges that can be defeated. If you fail you can attack the superhero again with an added bonus.
When a villain defeats the superhero, the game is over.
This is a different type of game which can let players get the badness out of there system when other games frustrate them.

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Elder Sign

73 out of 105 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a fun and fast playing game using cards. It is still a group effort like Arkham Horror Board game.
The board is represented by locations on cards.
Each player is dealt three characters to choose. After the character is chosen, each player is given their starting items with health and mind represented by hearts and brains.
The group of Ancient Ones cards is mixed and turned up one to see who the evil is coming.
The characters need to work closely together to close the gate opening for the Ancient One.
The first player chooses a location that the character can complete to best help the group. The dice have all the items needed to complete the task at each location. The green dice are the common die and the the yellow and red die are for special items or abilities given on the cards. The player rolls the dice and matches the items listed for one of the task. If none of the dice make enough matches to complete a task, one die must be removed to try again. A character with special ability or item card can sometimes hold one or more die on a card. The character can also hold on to one die before re-rolling the dice. One can keep rolling dice until the tasks can not be completed or all tasks are done. Rewards or penalties are then applied.
The turn is tracked by a clock representing 15 minutes. The clock is advanced once and if it reaches midnight, bad things can possibly happen to the group.
The next player completes their turn as listed above. One additional ability is available. If a location was not completed, another character may go to the same location and try to complete the job. The difference is that the player may ask the other player at this location to assist in the task.
Each player takes a turn until the gate is closed or the Ancient One arrives. If the Ancient One arrives, the game goes into the final phase with the players battling to stop the monster. If they succeed, the group wins the game else they are devoured and lose the game.
No matter how the game ends, the Ancient One is prevented from taking over or all is devoured to th

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Tanto Cuore

67 out of 75 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a fun Deck Building game based upon the cute Maids from Japanese Animation.
The cards are illustrated by famous Japanese Illustrators with cute maids to care for your mansion. The cards artwork is tastful and cute that appeal to both sexes. Card feature 16 different General Maids, 2 different Maid Chiefs and 10 different Private Maids. The General Maids take care of the main parts of your mansion, Maid Chiefs are the lead maids to make sure the work is done, and Private Maids take care of your private rooms.
The game has 3 different types of Love cards and 2 different event cards. These cards affect game play of your duties as “Master of The House”. The Love cards are used to employ new maids to your mansion. The Event cards will affect the maids of other players mansions. The two event cards are “Bad Habits” and “Illness”.
The set up is card layout in the center for all players to reach which is called “Town”. Each player will also need space to represent thier mansion. Each mansion consists of a space for thier personnel draw deck called the waiting room, a discard spot called the kitchen entrance, a play area and player’s private quarters area to place the cards that are set aside
Each player starts with 7 “1 Love” cards and 3 “Colette” Maid Chief cards. Each player mixes their ten cards and deals five to create thier first hand. Choose one player to start.
Each player will complete four phases on thier turn. The four phases are the starting, serving, employ and discard phases.
The starting phase allows the effects of private maids and event cards in thier private quarters. If illness has been played on a private maid, no effects are generated until it is removed.If the illness card is on a private maid or chamber maid at the end of the game, no victory points are counted for those cards. A “3 Love” can remove an illness by dismissing(return both cards to town).
Next the serving phase allows the play of general maids or maid chiefs to gain effects. Being served by a maid cost one “serving” and only one serving unless bonus servings are earned by effect. Bonus effects are additional draws, servings, love and employment. Additional draws are used immediately. The additional servings are used during this phase or they are lost in the Discard phase. Any text is then followed on the card for the maid after recieving bonuses. Servings can also be spent to make some maids “Chamber Maids”, the cost listed in the text. Chamber Maids are placed in the Private Area, but thier bonuses don’t count in the private area.
The total amount of love cards played and given in bonuses are spent in the employment. Any left over love and/or employ are lost in the discard phase. A player can only employ one private maid each turn. The newly hired general maids and Love cards go to the discard pile. Private maids go to your private quarters and events go to any players private quarters unless stated otherwise. Employment phasing ends when decided by player. Or the player runs out of employ or love.
Finally the discard phase, all of the players hand and cards in the play field are discarded. Any in the private quarters remain there. Next the player draws five new cards.
Play continues until two maid piles are emptied. Note that event cards and love cards are not maid cards. Also, the private maid stack is depleted when the draw pile is emptied even if there is face up cards. Victory points are then counted on the maid cards and listed in the text for all cards if it meets requirements. Any maids that were ill are not counted for victory points or bonuses.
The player with the most victory points is the winner. If there is a tie, the tied players count the number of non-victory point maids and the most wins. If tied again, the game remains tied. The winner is the King/Queen of the Maids.
May you enjoy this fun deck building game.

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Martian Dice

24 out of 30 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a simple dice game where you are Aliens trying to abduct Cows, Chickens and Humans. The human have sent tanks to stop you on your mission.
You have 13 six sided dice that have the following symbols on them: Red Tank,Green Flying Saucer, Blue Human, Yellow Chicken and White Cows. The red tanks are the military units trying to stop you. The Green Flying Saucers are your ships to stop the tanks. The Blue Humans, Yellow Chickens and White Cows are creatures you wish to capture for testing.
Each creature abducted are worth one point and a bonus points are given there is aleast one of each type of creature. But to score the points, you will have to defeat the tanks with flying saucers.
The goal is to earn 25 points or more.
The play starts with one person chosen to start. They place the dice in the can and shake it. They dump out the dice and review the results.
First all tanks need to be pulled out off to the side. These dice are kept. Next one must choose one type of dice face of all flying saucers or humans or chickens or cows to keep.
More or Equal number of Flying Saucers are needed to defeat the tanks and can be choosen many times. The creatures are needed to score with tanks not out numbering the flying saucers. Each type of creatures can only be chosen once when kept.
The rest of the dice are placed back into the can for another roll unless there were no tanks present. Then the player may score what was kept and end thier turn.
Otherwise they will roll again. They will seperate any more tanks and choose another set. Remember Flying Saucers can be chosen again.
Your turn is over once the player can score and wishes to stop rolling. If there are too many tanks to defeat, thier turn is over. If one of each creature types have been chosen once and they are winning against the tanks, score the total and add the bonus if earned.
Rare occasions a player may roll seven or more tanks, which is an automatic loss. A roll of seven to twelve flying saucers, they will win and score. Thirteen Flying Saucers is a win but no score.
They can of dice is passed to the next player and they will take their turn.
Play will continue until someone scores 25 or more points. After the first player, each player that has not gone yet will get a chance to beat or tie the player to roll a winning score. Whoever has the highest amount is the winner. An extra roll off for ties is possible to determine the winner.
The real stragety of the game is knowing which set of dice to keep. Keeping flying saucers are needed to defeat the tanks, but cannot score. Or do you keep the set of creatures for scoring now or later when the tanks are defeated.
It is a fun game that can be played in a short amount of time and needs very little surface to play upon. It is a great pick up game for gamers or friends needing to kill boredom.
So have fun abducting the inhabitants of earth, you crazy space aliens!

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