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Family Fluxx

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Family Fluxx box and contents

The Ever Changing
Family Card Game

Easy enough for children, yet still challenging for adults, Family Fluxx is the perfect card game for maximum family fun. Grandma thinks she's got the win in the bag when she plays the Grandparent Bonus, but oh no! Dad just played the Happy Birthday Goal and Junior's hand is hiding the Gift and Cake Keepers. With ever-changing rules, it's anyone's game!

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“Good, but may not be worthwhile if you have another Fluxx set”

So, Family Fluxx, eh? Well, if you’ve played the original version of Fluxx I can just say that this is exactly the same, but with fewer cards in the deck, no creepers (which weren’t in the early versions of the game anyway), and focussing the goals and keepers on things that are maybe a little more kid friendly than the original. Oh, and there are rules that affect only kids, parents and grandparents too.

If you don’t know Fluxx, then the game is odd. You start off with basic rules that you draw a card then play a card, with no way of winning, but some of the cards you play will change the rules and add victory conditions. Many more adults seem to have difficulty understanding this than kids, but it’s a game where you might as well just show everyone a few cards by way of example, then start playing. Often someone wins by accident anyway.

I’m not sure that most families would need this version of the game as opposed to one of the other sets. The smaller deck size means that you are a little more likely to have the goals reached quickly (a common criticism of Fluxx is that once in a while, a game can go on seemingly for ever), and for younger kids the keeper and goal cards are pretty much all things that they can identify with (though a few are USA terms that aren’t as familiar here in the UK). I suppose there is also the benefit that if the kids play with this set, your main set is likely to last longer.

Of course, the acid test is what the kids think. My daughter has played a few games now and enjoyed it, though it’s far from her favourite.

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“Family Fluxx”

The variey of Fluxx card games all have one thing in common. Ease of play.

The game begins with each player drawing one card, then playing one card. the cards come in 7 forms, rules, goals, ungoals, actions, Keepers, and Creepers. The game slowly evolves as each player plays new rules which immediately take effect, changing everything from how many cards are drawn and played to hands sizes to how to win.

Offering a wide variety of actions, Fluxx shows the good, the bad and the ugly of card game design.

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“Gateway Table Top”

Family Fluxx is a great gateway table top card game in which the rules continuously change. It’s a wonderful way to introduce your children into table tops. The rules are easy to learn the game doesn’t have any crazy hard instructions or cards to under stand. I used this game to get my 6 year old into table tops and I have slowly changed Fluxx decks to expand on complexity. I would recommend this game for anyone looking for a easy game to start your children into this epic hobby.

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“Like Fluxx, but more boring.”

Not a big fan of Fluxx; there are other party games that are more fun. One of the few things that you can do to keep a little strategy in base Fluxx is manipulate the ‘Creepers,’ the special cards that, normally, keep people from winning.

Family Fluxx is the Fluxx without the Creepers. My kids never had a problem with the Creepers; removing them to make the game more family-friendly makes it lethally boring for me & even bland for the kids.

This game does share the advantage Fluxx has, though, and it’s an unusual one: It can accommodate players coming and going unlike anything else. New player? Here are three cards. You have to go? Ok, see you later, put your cards in the discard.

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“A Family Favorite”

All varieties of Fluxx are fundamentally the same, but Family Fluxx makes it easy to bridge the gap between kids games and adult games. My kids are five (twins) and after only a few short games, they understand the rules and know which cards to play at the right times. The artwork is perfect for the theme and has high replay value. This is especially helpful for when “it’s not fair” that one kid wins when the other doesn’t. Simple: Play another game! They’re short and wild and unpredictable, perfect for kids and adults alike.

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“Fun, but unpredictable”

This is a crazy game. The rules are changing continuously because you make them on the spot by playing cards. This is really fun, but it is to often that the game ends abruptly because clever players can exploit their possibilities or just because a player got a lucky combination of powerful cards. If you like a game that is fun, but that has a huge amount of luck involves that cuts almost any chance of playing strategically, this is the game for you! More fun when played with more players!


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