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Ticket to Ride

23 out of 44 gamers thought this was helpful

All aboard……… Ticket to Ride is a classic Table Top. Create your empire by laying train tracks around a nation. This easy to learn game is great for both avid and social gamers alike. Ticket to Ride was the first board game I taught my son how to play with little to no reading and a simple understanding of matching colors to build your track. Points are scored on finishing tracks and routes with the player scoring the highest as winner. The board has a nice little score board build around it and a point chart printed right on the board to easily figure out how many points are scored for a finished track. This is a great game to play both with the family and with your table top friends

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Small World

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A fantasy conquest game, if you enjoy Risk and fantasy based games you will love this game. Small World is a turn based game in which you try to score as many gold coins as you can on your turn. Unlike Risk points are scored at the end of your turn so you do not have to hold your area until your next turn to score. Small World comes with an assortment of races and powers that will be shuffled up before the game. Each race has an ability that will be coupled with a power at random. You will then spread out your troops on the board grabbing up as much territory as you can. Once your troops become spread to thinly you can place them in decline allowing you to pull a new set of troops on your next turn (Note you can only have one race in decline and this race just holds territory you own unable to move unless your race or power allows for more than one decline race or allows you to move your declined race). With the amount of expansions out for this game you can really change up the game or just add more races and powers to your game. The replay value of this game is great with all the different combinations of races and powers. As a gamer that loves both fantasy and conquest type games this game holds a special place in my heart and has always been in my personal top five.

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38 out of 45 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a unique game in which you have a family of five or four members based on number of players. The object is simple make your family have the worst life they can have before killing them off. The game will end when one person’s whole family is dead with the winner having the lowest score. The Game has a deck of clear cards that can be stacked on each other reveling what is on the card below it. Just playing this card game as is can get boring on replays I would highly recommend adding in the role-playing aspect of the game giving your family life and telling their stories. The cards give a small description of what is happening to the character, we tend to always elaborate on these descriptions to give our families epically horrific stories. Without the role-playing aspect added to the game replays of the game can become quickly boring. Gloom does have expansion packs allowing new life events, families, and even adding a main story line that will help at getting your score even lower at end game. If you have an over active imagination, or just enjoy a good role-play I would recommend this game for you.

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Family Fluxx

61 out of 70 gamers thought this was helpful

Family Fluxx is a great gateway table top card game in which the rules continuously change. It’s a wonderful way to introduce your children into table tops. The rules are easy to learn the game doesn’t have any crazy hard instructions or cards to under stand. I used this game to get my 6 year old into table tops and I have slowly changed Fluxx decks to expand on complexity. I would recommend this game for anyone looking for a easy game to start your children into this epic hobby.

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