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47 out of 100 gamers thought this was helpful

I bought this game and I was expected something else. I won’t say that the game is bad, but I cannot understand how people love it that much. Though the game mechanic is really interesting the fact you have to keep track of the cards force the user to read the texts over and over again. The enhanced version come with tokens but even so this game is not for me. I usually play with my partner and she completely dislike it. We enjoy a lot more Seasons, Dominion, Magic,… I love the theme, but this fact is not near enough to keep me coming back to this game.

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This is the game that introduce me into the hobby. It is a really addictive game. My friends and me played up to 9 games in a row without stop. It is perfect for attract people into the hobby and as a family game, but also the hard core gamers will enjoy it. Luck is important in this game but the main skill you’ll need to win is negotiation. The interaction between players is key. Each game I won was because a did the best deals. This is a game that anybody who thinks himself a board game fan should own. A must have.

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