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A glorious quest for riches in the murky waters of the sewer.

Sewer Pirats [sic] is a tactical treasure hunt. Over the course of the game, players assign their crew to three pirat ships and seize as many treasures as they can. The player who best places his crew members and obtains the right combination of treasures will be known as the greatest pirat of All Time!

Deep underground lies a maze of domed caverns, narrow tunnels, and piped passages that go on for miles and miles – an entire network built to dispose of mankinds waste. Between these muddy isles, toxic archipelagos, and disgusting trash reefs, fearless creatures aboard bizarre vessels traverse these treacherous rivers of filth. This ragtag band of rodents, insects, and other vermin call themselves sewer pirats. They left the surface to search for sewer treasure in this murky, subterranean labyrinth.

2013 Boardgames Australia Awards Best International Game Nominee

2012 Spiel der Spiele Hit mit Freunden Recommended

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