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Games added this week

Posted by renee {Power Gamer} | 30-Dec-11 | 12 comments
Games added to

Added Games

Rockband Manager (coming late Q1 2012)
Fantasy Flight Games

Gunship: First Strike (coming Q2 2012)
Escape Pod Games

Panic Station
Stronghold Games

Wyrd Miniatures

Z-Man Games

The King Commands
Z-Man Games


Queen Games

Rio Grande Games

10 Days in the Americas
Out of the Box

Added Expansions

A Touch of Evil: Something Wicked
Flying Frog Productions

Railways of Europe
Eagle Games

Railways of the World: The Card Game
Eagle Games

Added Role Playing Games

Pathfinder: Core Rulebook
Paizo Publishing

Cosmic Patrol
Catalyst Game Labs

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Good list!

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Hmmm…Gosu looks interesting. May have just added another item to the buy list.

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More Pathfinder would be outstanding! I’m very happy to see some alternatives to D&D, and that you guys are willing to put RPG’s on the site. Thanks!

Also, what about Blood Bowl, Warhammer Quest… maybe Necromunda? Any of the Games Workshop breed of game!

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Fealty? (Kickstarted, arrived in December.)

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I suggest that the games Timeline: Inventions (Asmodee) and Fauna (Foxmind) would be added. Been playing them over the holidays, both of them are a great knowledge games.

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Hero Quest

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How about a Summoner Wars arena, like there we have for Magic and Heroscape?

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Malifaux is a great addition. I need to get on adding some indie-rpgs as well. I hope everyone is having a fantastic New Years so far.

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All the “10 Days” games are similar but with each having its own slight twist – I suggest you add them all. My family and I really have enjoyed Asia and Africa.

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Awesome to see some Malifaux on the site!

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Great to see Pathfinder starting to get added to the system. It’s pretty much the best fluff writing in fantasy RPGs right now, and might be some of the best fluff writing, period.

I gave away my copy for a generosity thread over on BGG, but I know I’ll be replacing it in the end – I’ve got too many other Pathfinder books to let them go to waste for not having the core rulebook!

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How about 10 Days in Europe? I haven’t played 10 Days in the Americas (although now my husband wants that because 10 Days in Europe is his new favorite).

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