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Customize your profile with oddball Aeronauts 2 avatars and badges!

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 25-Nov-14 | 5 comments

oddball Aeronauts 2: Double the Trouble by maverick:muse is well on its way to being funded on kickstarter. We’re pleased to be able to bring you exclusive avatars and badges from the game, illustrated by Ash Pyne, that you can customize your profile with!

As an added bonus, all oddball Aeronauts items will only cost 250 BG gold during the kickstarter campaign, which ends December 5th at 2:09pm MST.

About the game
A standalone sequel – original oddball Aeronauts not required – or expands oddball Aeronauts with 2 new factions, multiplayer dogfights and still NO SURFACE REQUIRED, what more could you want?
Visit the kickstarter campaign >

See our review of oddball Aeronauts >

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Three Free Kingdoms and three Mechinauts avatars to choose from!

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oddball aeronauts 2 avatars

Fan Badges

Badges to show you’re a fan of Maverick:Muse
and oddball Aeronauts.

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maverick:muse fan

oddball Aeronauts fan

Comments (5)

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A combat Pumba, now I’m sad because I lost these …

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thanks for these

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Monocle Cat – you are mine!

@Nigel and maverick:muse – thank you for sharing your Steamthropomorphic art with the BGdot 🙂

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That’s some great art right there. I hope they sell well but I’m still attached to the dark dealer 😉

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Still hoping for the Doomtown avatars…:/

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