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Customize your profile with exclusive Thunderstone content!

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 12-Jan-12 | 10 comments
Profile items for the Thunderstone epxansions

This set of exclusive avatars, themes and fan badges for users comes from the expansions of AEG’s hit deck-building game Thunderstone.

All this great content is being released in anticipation of AEG’s next big game in the Thunderstone world… Thunderstone Advance, coming this March.
Visit the Thunderstone Advance game page >

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Check out this exclusive selection of avatars with characters from the expansions.

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Thunderstone avatars for


Give your profile page more style with these amazing illustrations from the game!

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Thunderstone profile themes for

Fan Badges

Get badges for your favorite
Thunderstone expansions.

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Thunderstone identity badges for

Visit AEG’s official Thunderstone site >

Comments (10)

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This is so long …

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Very cool.

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I haven’t played the game yet, but I love the avatars (and can’t help using one)!

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I play black

These are striking! I’m impressed with all of the art used on the site. I’m glad you guys have high standards.

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I honestly have never heard of or seen this game, but those are some awesome female avatars!

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I love greg’s art too.
Hmm, munchkin art is something I had not thought of.
Has anyone tried the Axe Cop Munchkin?

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I’m looking forward to some John Kovalic Munchkin or Cthulhu art, some Bang! art or some Lord of the Rings: CCG art (which is fantastic).

I really love the collaboration with publishers, but ultimately, it’s Greg’s art that makes the site. I really look forward to more work from him.

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I'm Completely Obsessed

I’m holding out hope for some Ascension badges and avatars eventually.

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I’d really like to see more publishers pick up on this kind of thing.

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Impressive! I’m really enjoying the collaborations with publishers, it adds a great dimension to the site.

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