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Game Review: Safranito

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 10-Jan-12 | 6 comments

Safranito title

A haggling game with a fresh approach

Safranito chips
With so many games involving random dice rolls, Safranito’s dexterity mechanic of throwing chips is both fresh and fun.

Safranito takes players to a spice market where each player is a chef trying to collect the necessary spices to create spice blends. The spices are limited, so competition is high.

What makes this game so fun and dynamic is that each player must throw chips (similar to poker chips) onto the board to determine costs for buying and selling spices. Your goal won’t always be to get your chip into a spice bowl. Many times you’ll find yourself aiming at other player’s chips to knock them out of spaces! THEN you might find other players changing their strategy to one of revenge, knocking your chips off spaces as well 🙂

This all leads to fun and unpredictable strategies and gameplay.

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Comments (6)

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Here we go! Good to see after reading about it in the comments…

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I tried this game out.
The components are really nice.

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This game no doubt has lots of flavor and spices…haha.

I was first introduced to the game several months ago and was extremely impressed with the dexterity mechanics. It adds of a bit of chance to the game but as you play more and more it becomes more of skill game.

I would highly recommend this to all players. Whether you are gaming with a hardcore group or sitting around with a group of non-gamers, I suspect everyone will like it.

Play with a glass of wine or two and the dexterity mechanic only gets more fun! Great game, looking forward to more games from Zoch.

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This looks like it’d be really fun. Definitely a change of pace! Thanks for the great review Jim, time to add it to the wish list.

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This looks like it could be fun. I like dexterity games, and it looks to have more of a strategic focus for chip tossing over Beer and Pretzels (or Clout: Fantasy which is more tactical, and uses the tossing just to get things onto the board, after which they are flicked around).

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This game looks interesting and definitely something with a new flavor. I may have to give this game a shot. It probably won’t be a new standard with the gaming group, but I can see how it would be a very fun change now and then.

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