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Monkey Lab

8 out of 20 gamers thought this was helpful

First off the good. This game has good graphics and very heavy stock used for the pieces. The pawns are nicely molded monkeys in a cartoon style. Same with the large blue guard piece. Graphics are very cartoon like which is good for kids. Game play is very very simple. You pick three actions and draw up your cards and your done.

Now the bad. Game play is VERY VERY simple. I played this with my fourteen year old son and he was completely bored with it. I would say if you have a child less than nine or ten then they would be ok with it but for adults or older kids they will get bored with it fast. Minor strategy involved but most of it revolves around who ends up going first.

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Zombie Fluxx

46 out of 98 gamers thought this was helpful

The Fluxx series of games are great family card games. These games play fast and are always unpredictable. Although this isn’t my families favorite version of Fluxx it is still very good. Great to play a couple games as a lite filler between heavy strategy games. Not a lot of strategy to this mostly just luck of the draw.

Although some would list this as a “horror” version it is still appropriate for all ages. Cards are not graphic or disturbing.

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