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Dragon Parade

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The Chinese New Year. The dragon parade starts from the Forbidden City and moves randomly through the streets. Where the parade ends, the celebration begins. During the parade, the street sellers must decide where to set up their stands to provide food and drinks. Naturally, they want to be close to the celebration. But who knows where the parade will end?

Players play cards to move the dragon token and at the same time placing their street seller tokens where they think the dragon will end.

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“Enjoyable "first" Knizia game”

I’m glad that my 12-year-old likes this game. He often coaxes his cousins and friends to give it a go. The mechanics of placing your vendors (fancy meeples) and moving the dragon are easy enough to get the hang of in a few minutes. The tactics (I won’t go so far as to call it strategy) of doing so effectively takes a few rounds to grasp.

It’s a light game, but it has the right level of depth for younger gamers-in-training. It’s also a good game for showing less-experienced players what Euro games are like, in comparison to the games we grew up on in America.

* Nice artwork, in keeping with the theme
* Good production, with large wooden bits
* Quick to pick up – not a huge investment to try it out

* Very light for more serious players


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