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Let’s get some basics down, anyone who has played a deck building game in the last few years will be fairly familiar with the basics of Quarriors. This is a deck building game, but with dice. This, of course brings a unique twist to the game. In a card-based game, each card you purchase for your deck grants exactly the same resource each and every time it is played (a gold will always be a gold). However, in Quarriors, each die has several different sides to each die. When you roll a Quake Dragon die, only 3 sides of that die actually represent the Quake Dragon creature. The other sides will give you different resources like money (called Quiddity) or possible re-rolls. This does add an element of randomness to the game, but in my opinion it also adds another element of excitement.

First impressions:
I was quite impressed with this game from the first time I saw it. It comes in a beautiful metal tin shaped and colored like one of the dice. Mine looks like a giant version of the Quake Dragon die. It has a sturdy card paper wrapping with very nice artwork and a few tongue-in-cheek jokes for those who care to look closely at the writing.
Inside you find four cloth bags of different colors that are sturdy enough to hold up to many games without tearing. There is a cardboard score card to track points with although it can be slightly confusing at first glance. The score track zig-zags back and forth down the card. 1-5 track from left to right, then the next line with 6-10 goes from right to left and so on down the board. There are also four wooden cubes, one of each color, for tracking each player on the score board. The instruction manual is fully colored and easy enough to read if you can keep track of all the odd names and terminology (Quiddity is money, Quarry are dice in the Wild, etc.)

Dice and Cards:
Holy moly there are a lot of dice in this thing, 130 total. The dice are by far the most impressive feature of this game, each creature and spell has a completely unique set of dice for it and they are all quite nice. In total the game includes cards and dice for 10 creatures, 5 spells, and the 3 basic cards of Quiddity, Portal, and Assistant. The standard setup of the game calls for 7 creatures and 3 spells in addition to the basic cards. In order to avoid the game becoming stale, each creature has 3 variations and each spell has 4 variations. Because of this, the possible combinations for play number in the hundreds of thousands.

Bonus: Quaxos Promo:
There is a promo pack of cards available that will net you one new variation for each of the Scavenging Goblin, Warrior of the Quay, and Quake Dragon creatures. I would say these variations are interesting at best. They are each designed to interact with other creatures in the Quaxos promo. First of all, each Quaxos creature takes no damage from any other Quaxos creature and they all gain +1 attack and defense for each other Quaxos creature in play. Aside from that, each creature has another ability who’s usefulness is highly variable.

The Scavenging Goblin give +1 money when summoned for each Quaxos creature in play.
The Warrior of the Quay when summoned allows you to summon a second creature in your active area for free.
And the Quake Dragon will, when summoned, destroy another creature outright and score a point for you.

Overall, I would say that if you are a huge fan of Quarriors like myself, the Quaxos Promo pack is a must buy, but anyone else can feel free to pass.

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