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“Party Priority”

This tip came to me from DeS_Tructive on the BGG forums. I started a thread looking for the best ways to manage multiple groups that play instead of having tons of separate parties and this may have been my favorite answer:

“Our group distinguishes between main, secondary and guest players.

The main players are the ones who try to show up for every game. We usually run main story scenarios, have fixed characters and have life goals.

Secondary players are happy to join the game when a main can’t, but can’t dedicate themselves fully to the campaign. They have fixed characters, but no life goals.

Guest players aren’t expected to show up regulary at all. They don’t have life goals and pick up whatever class currently isn’t claimed.

Priorities for participation, pick priority for items and classes are all primary>secondary>guest.

That aside we have a common item pool across the whole campaign. It causes a higher build diversity and spares us constant gear juggling. There’s also a google document that recaps every scenario and event briefly (but pretty humorously).”

Thread can be found here:

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