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Games Added (October 11)

Posted by Tiana901 {Family Gamer} | 11-Oct-18 | 7 comments
Games added to

Upcoming Releases

EXIT: The Mysterious Museum
Thames and Kosmos | Release Date: 2018 Q4 (12-29-18)

UBOOT The Board Game
Phalanx | Release Date: 2018 Q4 (12-20-18)

2018 Releases

Victory Point Games | Published: 2018

Smash Up: That ’70s Expansion
Alderac Entertainment Group | Published: 2018

Container: 10th Anniversary Jumbo Edition!
Mercury Games | Published: 2018

Next Move Games | Published: 2018

Detective: City of Angels
Van Ryder Games | Published: 2018

Epoch: Early Inventors
Rio Grande Games | Published: 2018

Queen Games | Published: 2018

Black Hole Council
Orange Machine Games | Published: 2018

Cerebria: The Inside World
Mindclash Games | Published: 2018

Red Raven Games | Published: 2018

2017 Releases

Whistle Stop
Bézier Games | Published: 2017

Heaven and Ale
eggertspiele, Plan B Games | Published: 2017

Sparkle Kitty
Breaking Games | Published: 2017

Pyramid of the Sun
Pavana Games, Strawberry Studio | Published: 2017

Templar’s Journey
Queen Games | Published: 2017

2016 & Earlier Releases

Evolution: The Beginning
North Star Games, Schmidt Spiele | Published: 2016

Kingdom Builder: Marshlands
Queen Games | Published: 2016

Color Fox
Helvetiq | Published: 2016

Legendary (Marvel): Captain America
Upper Deck Entertainment | Published: 2016

Birds of a Feather
Nothing Sacred Games | Published: 2015

Space Cadets: Away Missions
Stronghold Games | Published: 2015

Camel Up: Supercup
Z-Man Games | Published: 2015

Robinson Crusoe: Voyage of the Beagle
DiceTree Games, Edge Entertainment, Z-Man Games | Published: 2013

Stone Age: The Expansion
Hans im Glück | Published: 2011

You Must Be an Idiot
R and R Games | Published: 2005

Schotten Totten
iello | Published: 1999

The Tick Board Game! Hip Deep in Evil!
Pressman | Published: 1995

Mouse Trap
Cranium Inc., Hasbro, Milton Bradley | Published: 1963

Comments (7)

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El Dorado
Guardian Angel

@Tiana: Cool! I think I have Kingdom Death: Monster in there as a request. A classic game my friends and I played a lot back in the day was Stay Alive. Quick playing game based mostly on luck, but fun.

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@ Stargazer1 Most of these games were requests, with some newer games that had a buzz and some classics.

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Cryptozoic Entertainment fan

I played a lot of Mousetrap as a kid and teenager and several times with my own kids. It was always fun.

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El Dorado
Guardian Angel

Apparently there were more games in the hopper! Haven’t heard or played most of them. However, played Mousetrap quite a bit when I was a kid and then again with my daughters when they were old enough. The game has changed significantly over the years but still fun for the youngsters!

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@supermartin Every so often I look into a classic game. I remembered mousetrap fondly and it was not a typical board game, but the most amazing thing to me is that it’s still being published.

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This gave me a good list of `own it` and `want it` Nice going!

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Cryptozoic Entertainment fan

Wow!! Lots more games to study!! Mouse Trap, really?!?! Awesome add!!

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